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Hello, my name is Paula and I think I’ve forgotten how to scrapbook. I know, how can that be? Me, who used to scrap every single day, even if only for a few minutes. I’ve been doing it for years. Years! And yet, I’ve fallen out of the habit and now I just can’t seem to start again.

Yes, yes, I know all the tricks:

  • find a subject/photo that speaks to me
  • look for an inspiration piece
  • scrap-lift someone
  • scrap-lift myself!
  • buy new products
  • find a challenge or sketch

And yet, here I sit, unable to figure out where to start. I’ve got a stash of new photos from our vacation in Hawaii, a code for a free Shutterfly book (and a deadline!) but no mojo. I can empathize with all those people who would like to start but don’t know where to begin. I remember my very first page – it was for my wedding album and I think it took me about 3 months. It’s got one photo and no journaling but committing to it was so hard (the page, not the wedding!). I’ve got a little of the same apprehension right now but with digi-scrapping I can just ctrl-Z my way out of any mess – so what’s the deal?

I think I’ll just have to throw caution to the wind and just do it. Whatever “it” is. I’m going to schedule some time to scrapbook and not try to fit it in here and there.

ETA: Here it is. The cover page of my album. Just a photo and very few words. It’s a start.