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Just a quick drive-by with some valentine’s projects the kids and I have been working on. I think this is probably the last year for class valentines for my two and we kept it simple. One big requirement for Valentines for these tweens is that they couldn’t be mushy or mention love.

Tommy was obsessed with Rainbow Loom for months so we have oodles of the bands around the house. I knew this would be a good opportunity to use some of them up. Tommy picked a loom-connected phrase to put on the Valentines and I printed them up using a fun font. We made 20 fishtail bracelets (I helped to speed up the process) to go with the cards so everyone in the class would get a bracelet.  We mounted the cards on some Jillibean Soup Soup Staples to give them some heft. I love the way they came out:


We adopted a similar approach to Molly’s cards. We found a bunch of glow-sticks tossed in the back of the closet – a hold over from a birthday party perhaps. After searching for an appropriate phrase to go along with them, Molly finally picked “You brighten my day”. Definitely not mushy 🙂 We printed them out on cardstock and mounted them on 3×4 Jillibean Soup Soup Staples rectangles. After she wrote them we taped a glow-stick to each one with decorative tape.


Happy non-mushy Valentine’s day!