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Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m really liking my new day – Tuesday seems less rushed than Monday and that makes me happy. This week’s inspiration came from a West Elm catalog. I really liked the angled grid arrangement. This looks to me like 45 degrees which (according to Debbie and the crew at Masterful Scrapbook Design) is a bigger angle than is visually pleasing but I decided to go along with it anyway. It came up in the Office Hours I did recently with Debbie – definitely worth checking out!


When I showed this to my daughter Molly, she complained about having to look at the photos at an angle so I guess that tells me something! In any case this is staying that way now 🙂


Click on the image to see a bigger version. She really wants me to make a poster for her wall rather than a scrapbook page. Soon, I promise! I think I should get bonus points for making a 2-pager. Now to find some inspiration for a poster.