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Good Monday morning everyone! Despite the fact that it’s almost Easter we are still surrounded by piles of snow here in the North East. I hope it’s a little better wherever you are. This week I went digging through my stash of ads/fliers/what-have-you looking for some inspiration. I had intended to go through ads I had used before, hoping to put a new spin on them, but then the following ad caught my eye:


I notice that I’ve used a few different table of contents from magazines – must look out for more! I thought this would work nicely to document my first time cross-country skiing (this week!). What can I say, there was never any snow in Ireland when I was growing up and there certainly weren’t any skiis!


I said “skiing-ish” because I avoided inclines, any kind of hills made me nervous 🙂 but other than that I did great! I’m so grateful to my friend Becky for taking me out and being so patient with me. You rock Becky! But now, I’m ready for some sun – c’mon spring!!