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Happy Monday everybody! It was school vacation week here last week so the family and I took a trip to DC – hence the lack of a challenge last Monday. But I’m back today with a new challenge – using of course, photos from our trip. I’m actually surprised at how few photos I took on this trip – it was very cold and photos weren’t allowed in a lot of places. Anyhoo, back to my inspiration piece:


I wanted something with a large background photo and room for a few more photos – a quick glance through a magazine and I found this. You could easily do this in paper with or without the large photo – using the photo strip. I actually wrote a tutorial on creating a photo strip at Get It Scrapped.

Here’s my take:


I didn’t like how the large photo looked so flat so I blended a textured cardstock over it. I thought it made it a little bit more interesting. Tid bit from the photo – I tried to connect to wifi while in the Capitol building and one of the networks that popped up was Abccbscnnnbc – I found that so funny.

I’ve been playing around with my site design for the past few weeks. I’m not sure I’ve settled on this one but I’m hoping it’s not causing any problems for anyone. Let me know if you are having trouble with it – thanks!