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I love to do something crafty for the birthday celebrations around here – it’s another excuse to use my crafting supplies. I typically make birthday cards. When it’s my kid’s birthdays I like to make decorations or something related to the theme of their birthday. Since my daughter had a gymnastics party I really didn’t have to do much in the way of decorations but I did get a chance to use my supplies for other things. I found an idea on Pinterest and filed it away to use for Molly’s cake. I loved the simplicity and since I’m not the best cake decorator, it was right up my alley! I cut the number 10 out of cardstock using my Silhouette and used it as a mask when putting sprinkles on a frosted cake. So easy and all the girls were so impressed!


I used my Silhouette for another birthday craft project – the party favors. I tried to keep with a gymnastics type theme so I got drawstring bags and added jump-ropes and other items. I had planned on adding a gymnastics-related image to the bags but decided to personalize them with the girls names instead. This was really easy to do using the Silhouette heat transfer material. The Silhouette site has great directions on how to use it. Don’t forget to flip the text – it need to be the mirror image so that it will be the right way around when you iron on the letters!


Another fun party tidbit that I wanted to share was a game that we played for the last 30 minutes of the party. None of the typical party games appealed to my daughter so I did a little research and found the perfect game to kill some time – a version of Project Runway. We used old newspapers, duct tape and scissors. At the party we divided the girls into teams of 3 or 4. They had to pick one girl to be the model and they had a certain amount of time to design and make an outfit for a fashion show which the entire team helped to present. The girls had  a blast and I think they could have spent hours designing and creating!


I’m already thinking up ideas for the next party 🙂