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Happy Monday all! I looked for something bright and sunny to cheer up this cold and gloomy winter weather we are having here in the Northeast. I’ve always wanted to visit the British Virgin Islands:


Doesn’t that make you want to go some place warm and have a picnic? Big sigh.

I decided to go back to look for photos from warmer times. Also, I knew I needed a large photo to use for the top. Unfortunately the one I found didn’t quite work there so I decided to turn it into a 2-pagers using a single large photo for the left-most page.


The pages on their own – right side inspired by the ad:


Left-side a large photo that just needed to be by itself!


I love  the concept of 2-page spreads with one large photo – it’s something I’ve seen the very talented Esther do quite a lot and I think I’ll do more often. Of course this really applies more to digi than paper…although that wouldn’t necessarily have to be the case.

I’m in the midst of a site re-vamp – please pardon the appearance. Your feedback is appreciated!