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Keeping up the tradition that’s been going on for a number of years, I’m going to post my top 10 layouts that I made this year. I noticed when I looked back at last year’s post, I said that I hadn’t scrapped as much that year and the same can definitely be said for this year. I still want to keep scrapbooking and recording my memories but it’s harder with more reluctant subjects 🙂 but I’ll keep trying.

Here’s my top 10 for 2012 in no particular order:
This was inspired by a print ad. I searched for the right font to created the effect I wanted for the text block. It makes me happy to look at it. And I’m even happier that the boy loves to read:

Another inspiration challenge with photos provided by my college friends. Good times.


A perfect Saturday afternoon – great weather, interesting activity = great family memories. My knees are still recovering.


I used a Christmas tag “tis the season” on a summer layout – I know it’s hard to tell that it’s summer but that’s the weather in Ireland for you! It was so foggy we could barely see to the end of our noses. I’ve also developed a fondness for using a blended photo for my background.


This one is probably my favorite. Molly and I often get told that we look alike – sometimes it’s more apparent than others. Plus I like the quilted background I made.


I want to make this into a poster for Tommy’s room. Most of the techniques here were learned from the fabulous Jana Morton. She must have the patience of a saint to do half the stuff she does in Photoshop!

baseball - Copy

Is there anything better than a little girl-time? I think this Jillibean line (Pasta Fagioli) is my all time favorite. Love that I can use it over and over in digi.


Another blended photo in my background. Love it.


Look! A paper layout! I really want to do more collage-style work. Plus, it’s always fun to use older photos.


And finally, another paper layout. I cut out the background with my Silhouette.


I can’t say that I’ve noticed a theme this year like I did other years, apart from the large blended background photo. Lots of blues and neutrals – less green than other years. How about you? Have you looked back at what you’ve done in 2012? Now I’m going to look forward to 2013 and make some plans!