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Happy Monday everyone. I’m happy to report that we escaped Sandy’s wrath. The kids had a couple of days off school but apart from losing cable/internet/phone for a few days we suffered no ill-effects. My heart goes out to those who were not so lucky.

I decided to go old school this week with a grid. I checked the date on this ad and it’s from 2008! It’s hard to beat a grid as a quick way of getting a lot of photos on a page in a pleasing manner:


I can never leave a grid as-is now. I always seem to need stitching or something to delineate the edges. I liked how there was room for a large photo – so easy in digital. In a pager layout I feel like the photo needs to be stellar to enlarge it but in digi I have no such qualms!

The party was a lot of fun and now I think the layout captures some of that fun.

What’s your favorite method of scrapping a bunch of photos? Do you break them into multiple layouts? Create two-pagers? I’d love to hear.