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Good Monday morning everybody! We’re bracing for Hurricane Sandy here in New England – the kids have a day off and I think I’m going to convince them to spend the day crafting. I wanted to try something a little different this week and while perusing Pinterest I came across the following image/ad:

A little different, right? Definitely a change from the typical graphic ads I’ve used. I found a photo from my childhood and decided to use this as my inspiration. Im rather pleased with how it turned out. I’ve always been a fan of collage, it’s just not how I usually scrap.

I even channeled my inner Emily Pitts and stacked some chipboard letters for my title! I think it needs a little more of that deep teal of the title but I really wanted to post it this morning, especially since Sandy is bearing down and we could potentially lose power later. Fingers crossed that we don’t!

Stay safe where ever you are.