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It’s Monday- inspiration day! I headed to my stash of movie posters this week for a bit of variety. I’ve never seen this particular movie but I liked the big word filled with photos and thought it would work with my less-than-perfect back to school photos. [Rain and unenthusiastic models = not so good photos!] I also liked all the text and the gradient in the background.

I decided to fade a big photo into the background for my gradient – converting it to black and white so it blended in more. It was a bit tricky working with the photos and the letters to make sure that the faces didn’t look too strange – I think it works, at least the eyes are intact!

Supplies from Designer Digitals:
Simple Comforts Neutrals, Messy Stitched Borders Red No. 2, Stitched Word Strip Dates and Neutral Date Bits by Katie Pertiet, School Words No.1 by Ali Edwards.

What do you think? Any thoughts on filling words with photos? Or is that not your style? I’d love to hear from you! Let me know if you’d like instructions on how to fill words with text – I’ve done that in the past on hybrid layouts and it’s a lot of fun.