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Last month I decided to spend some time every day (~15 minutes) on art journaling. I found a LOT of tutorials around the web that we very helpful with various techniques. I came across a very cool image on Pinterest which led me to the She Art Workshop – it’s a self-paced video workshop on creating “She” art. I was intrigued by the results I had seen on the flickr/pinterest so I decided to sign up. Months ago I purchases “Collage Couture” by Julie Nutting so I guess I’ve had this interest for longer but never acted on it.

I dove right in and created my first She art after watching the first few videos. Go me! The instructor used 6×12 canvases which I didn’t have so I taped two 6×6 canvases together and covered it with paper (sewing pattern paper). I tried every technique in the book and was thrilled with my result.

Buoyed by my success with my first attempt I did another. It turned out so badly I’m not including it here. 😮
I went to ACMoore on the weekend and picked up some canvas boards (40% off) which is a super cheap way of working on canvas. Off I went to attempt a more modern version of She art.  Not quite the success of my first attempt:

I got a little silly with the words – “she didn’t know what she was doing but she did it anyway”.  The legs look really wrong here – DH says they look like they’re broken. Poor dear. Oh and her hair…didn’t go the way I wanted. Although I have been told she has a bit of a Kenley vibe.

Undeterred, I tried again. Hurray for legs that look like actual legs! And the hair, cute no? I’m not completely happy with the background (it started off orange, then plum and finally blue-ish). But I’m loving the I can use my stamps and rubons that I have that are otherwise gathering dust.

Messy is my middle name apparently! You should see my desk, and the floor surrounding it. I will definitely have to investigage new storage options since what I have now isn’t working. Link me up if you have seen clever solutions for storing paints and spray inks please!

So that brings my Calvinball project total up to 15 (not adjusted). These canvases are taking me a LOOOOOONG time. Many, many layers even if it doesn’t really look like it. But it’s fun, and that’s what I’m going for right now.

So, what are you up to?