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Day 7 (how did it get that far into March already?) and Calvinball is still going strong. Celeste is declining to announce her points until the end of the month because I made fun of her point calculations but I am at 12 (plus a million bonus points to be assigned at the end of the month) :p

I finished one layout yesterday – using a new template by Cathy Zielske at Desginer Digitals:

Supplies available at Designer Digitals

And yes, I’ve very brave (or dumb) to put all those photos out there! I’ve got 2 canvases in the works though, but they are very labor intensive so I haven’t quite gotten finished with them. (Bonus calvinball points for doing something very involved??)

Oh and if you are in need of new supplies to participate in Calvinball you should hop on over to the Scrap Review to check out my review of the Ruby Rock-It Nostalgia line – leave a comment over there for a chance to win some!