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Oh yeah. Calvinball has taken off like no other year. The rules are changing by the minute, but I’m still going to go by the rules I posted on Sunday. Of course at the end I can add on my “bonus” points to bring me up to whatever Celeste has (shhh, don’t tell her that’s my plan). 

Yesterday wasn’t the most productive of days – I was working on a canvas which still isn’t finished. I’m taking the She Art workshop – more on that in another post. But I did manage to do one layout. I used one of the photos I took on leap day for my time capsule. I love to get a good family photo! According to Sharyn, I get bonus points for scrapping a photo within 7 days of taking it. Ca-ching!

Oh and here’s one for the Heritage challenge at Designer Digitals (bonus points for an online challenge – hey, I didn’t make up the rules):

Credits can be found at Designer Digitals.

Oh and I’m throwing this in for good measure, maybe it will get me another bonus point?

Oh and of course, there’s Calvinblog points too. Who can keep up? Are you playing along? Cheaters welcome!