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For the past few years Doris, Celeste and I race to see who can complete the most projects during the month of February. We call it Calvinball.

There is no prize – just bragging rights, a stack of completed projects and of course, the opportunity to trash talk your opponents. Not sure what happened last month but late Friday (March 1st), Doris contacted me to let me know that it’s on for March. She’s roped a few others in too but we all know that Celeste is going to win, even though she claims that she’s wiped out from doing so much last month. What-evah! Like we’re going to believe that. Celeste has been known to knock out 100 cards in one day so the rest of us have to get “creative“. With Calvinball, typically Doris calls the rules and she makes them up as we go – generally we try to swing things in our favor, not that it makes any difference to the end result. As I said, Celeste always wins but I do like to light a fire under her every now and again. Heh heh heh.

If you are interested in playing along, you can earn points as follows:

  • cards .5 point
  • layout 1 point
  • 2 pages 1 points
  • mini album pages .5 point
  • altered item 1 pt

I didn’t really know that this was coming so I’m off to a slow start. I did make one card on Friday (woot!), on Saturday I made a mini album (can’t share either yet because they are for an article for the Scrap Review). Today, I’ve made 2 layouts, one of which I’ll post tomorrow for my ad challenge so stay tuned. By my calculations I am at: 9.5! (2 layouts, 1 card, 14 page mini album). Hmm…I guess I should take back that comment about a slow start! 😮