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It’s February 29th, a day that only happens every four years. I often find that unique or interesting dates sneak up on me and are over before I think about them but today will be different! Inspired by Angie’s post on the Ella blog, I’m going to make a leap year time capsule filled with details from our every day life. Since I’m not doing Project Life – I think this will be the next best thing đŸ˜‰

Things I’m planning on adding:

  • Recent newspaper, magazine and catalog (maybe even the Lego one if I can sneak it away from the boy)
  • Snapshots of everyone in the family (mom and dad too) and some shots from around the house/outside
  • A slice of life quiz from each member of the family:
    1. What I ate for lunch today:
    2. Something I just learned:
    3. My favorite song this year:
    4. The last book I read:
    5. What I’m wearing right now:
    6. The last restaurant I ate at was:
    7. My favorite tv show:
    8. I’m working on:
    9. My most used expression or word:
    10. I can’t (or don’t want to) live without:
  • Our predictions for the future
  • Memorabilia  – receipts, tickets, cards

I’ve already found a box that I’m going to keep it in a store it until next leap day in 2016!

Other interesting facts about February 29th. There’s an old Irish folk tradition that women can propose to men on February 29th because traditional laws didn’t exist on this extra day. This concept was the basis for the movie Leap Year, a movie that’s been recommended to me by many people (because I’m Irish). I can’t even begin to list the many, many maddening things about that movie – suffice to say that it’s fiction in every sense of the word (I’m a stickler for movies making at least a half-hearted attempt at accuracy if they are going to use real place-names!). It’s cute and fun, but very, very inaccurate. You have been warned!

I only discovered last leap day (in 2008) that my half birthday was February 29th. My husband figured it out one day and surprised me with half a cake. He’s a keeper!

And my final bit of leap day news, Designer Digitals is having a Leap Ahead SALE! 2900 new releases [excl. 2/24 release] are 29% off now thru 6am EST.

I hope you enjoy your leap day! I might just have to make myself half a cake đŸ™‚