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My blog post titles are starting to turn into bad movie sequal titles. Whatever am I going to call my next art journaling post? Better wait until inspiration hits, eh? I figured it was time to share a few more of my recent pages. Most are still works in progress. I’m not too concerned about finishing them, it’s more about the process and playing with techniques. It’s good to have my journal to turn to when I want to play.

I was excited to start this page – I had spent a few days just throwing gesso on pages and playing with different textures. I was particularly happy with the texture on this one (check out the circle effect on the top right). I added a few shades of green paint on top and started to get less enamored with the page. Too much paint. I decided to use the extra paint on the facing page (below). Then I used a stencil and added some pink paint. Again, a bit heavy handed so I used the extra on the facing page again. Next I decided to add a heart – I punched one out of paper and used that as a stencil. You guessed it, I used the extra paint on the other page.


Turns out, the 2nd page with the “leftovers” is FAR more appealing then my original. Live and learn! Less paint = better. Below is another two page spread that really doesn’t go together but I kinda made it work. I think.

I played with stencils again (Balzer’s Designs for Crafters Workshop) – my daughter was very impressed with my drawing skills. I had to break it to her that sadly, mama is not that good. Some day maybe!  And the facing page:

I bought alcohol inks by accident (!!) and had no idea what to do with them. After playing around I still don’t know what to do – they will probably sit in my stash for year 😮 I’ll take any suggestions on what to do with them!

Have you  been playing with art journaling? Link me up if you do! Thanks again for all your kind comments from last post – I love to hear from you 🙂