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At the start of the month I mentioned that I was going to try art journaling every day in February. WI thought it was time to give you an update on where I am at with this project. It’s been interesting to say the least! My plan was to devote 15 minutes a day trying out new techniques and playing in my “art journal”, which sometimes is a journal, sometimes a loose sheet of paper. I will admit to having spent more time watching videos than actually art journaling (huge thanks to all who have created those videos!) but I have actually done something! See –

This was my first “finished” page . Heavily influenced by Dina – I think I basically followed one of her videos step by step. This was one of the loose pages I did.

This one was in my “journal” – a spiral bound book with heavy cardstock pages. I’ve had that silhouette image pinned to a bulletin board for about 3 years and I finally used it on something! Both Dina and Julie use paper towels to pick up excess ink/paint and I did a lot of that. I’m amused by the fact that my paper towels have lot of texture – an effect that I wasn’t expecting (that’s the black dots you see).


I think my hubby thinks this one is wacky because I put the letters GAH on there but I was annoyed with people who talk to much and that’s the first sound that came into my head. No rules, right? 🙂 This time I used an old sewing pattern to add texture. The circles were another experiment with oil pastels. I still don’t really know what I’m doing but I’m having fun!

I have a bunch more that aren’t quite finished – I’ll share more later. Have you been playing with art journaling lately? I’d love to see what you’ve been up to – link me up!