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Look who‘s two!

In honor of the big birthday, W.C.S. got a new look, and tagline. If you are new to W.C.S (and even if you aren’t) there’s a new page for first time visitors that explains what the site is all about and what to expect when/where. As always at the start of the month there’s a new gallery. The theme for this month was to be inspired by something from the past year at I was inspired by Moon Ko’s fabulous week, and the layout using Facebook statuses in particular.

I dug deep into my stash for this one. That background paper is OOOOOOOOOOOLD! You can see what inspired the rest of the collective’s layouts in the gallery. No surprise, I was touched and delighted by my pal Emily Pitts’ layout. She’s a good egg.

Some more news – there are a few new members for you to meet and we’ll be started a new schedule beginning June 5th and continuing until September 5th – instead of themed weeks, each day will be hosted by a different W.C.S collective member.  And for our birthday month there will be fun giveaways – printables, sketches and more!