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I’m working on a book for my mom (shh, don’t tell her Dad!) that spans her entire life so far. This linked in very nicely with this week’s heritage challenge at Designer Digitals – “on the map” where we were asked to include a map or some of the map products from the Designer Digitals store. I’m using a very simple design for my book that includes a flourish/painted background and Katie has some cool painted map backgrounds that worked with my scheme.

Credits at DeisgnerDigitals.

Can you believe there’s a photo of her getting on the plane? How cool is that? That’s my mom, closest to the plane. I need to get cracking on the rest of the book now.

One more thing: my pal Emily is hosting Write.Click.Scrapbook this week and it’s all about cards. In honor of that, over the new few days I’ll post a few of the million (ok, not a million, but a whole lot) cards I made last month for Calvinball. Have a great day!