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We’ve been besieged by snow yesterday and today which is both good and bad for scrapping/Calvinball. Good – I can’t go anywhere so I’m able to stay in and scrap. Bad – not everybody in the house with me wants me to scrap all the time 🙂 So, with frequent breaks to make snacks for, read to and play legos with my fellow house bound family members I managed to whip up the following:

Credits can be found at Designer Digitals.

Anyone sensing a theme yet? No snow photos from yesterday or today because it was so miserable but there’s time yet. It’s still snowing. Moving on to other themes:

Credits at Designer Digitals

I also made a bunch of cards using new Jillibean Soup but I can’t share those yet. So for those of you keeping track it’s Paula 6, Doris 2 and Celeste 14. Yes, 14. She’s not human. She’s a scrapping machine.