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That’s the sound of January rushing by! I can’t believe we are already hurtling towards the end of January already and I haven’t posted at all this month. In my defense, it’s been a pretty busy one with the Christmas celebrations that wouldn’t end (we had out last Christmas party on January 9th) followed by birthdays (ok, just one) and trips (again, just one but I went to Vegas!). It’s been busy, busy, busy!

I went the crafty route for Molly’s 8th birthday – I can’t believe my baby is 8! She wanted a rock-star party so I made her cake decorations using my digi supplies.

For a tutorial on how to do this check out the Designer Digitals blog or Scrapbook & Cards today.

I’ve been using Tumblr for inspiration for the past year and found some adorable melted snowmen cookies that I decided to make for Molly’s school birthday treat. I had an extra day to make them because of all the crazy snow we’ve gotten:

It’s a good thing I they were going to a bunch of not-too-picky 2nd graders! I’m definitely better at crafting with paper/computer than I am with food!

My Vegas report will have to wait for another day – I’m getting ready for my Masterful Scrapbook Design webinar with Debbie Hodge at noon today (1/20) where we are going to talk about journaling. It should be fun!