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I’ve created a few layouts lately that look back at things from my past – specifically a dress, and a location. Both of them incorporate my kids – I’m just realizing that now as I’m looking at them! The heritage challenge at Designer Digitals this week is to scrap our favorite dress. I knew exactly what I wanted to scrap – I’ve kept my favorite dress since I was seven!! Sadly it’s too see-through to wear now, not sure what happened over the years.

Supply list at Designer Digitals.

The next layout was for the Write.Click.Scrapbook November gallery – our theme drew inspiration from the website Young Me, Now Me. It’s a pretty funny website to look though – check it out! I found some photos of a trip to Santa’s Village circa 1973 and other from a trip I took with my kids a couple of years ago – all photos were taken in front of the same gigantic snowman!

Supplies from Designer Digitals.

Pretty impressive that he’s still standing, no?