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I’ve been a busy bee. I’ve been blogging all week at Write.Click.Scrapbook. I decided to go with a vacation theme – apparently a lot of people haven’t scrapped their vacation pics, maybe that will all change after reading my posts. 😀

I’ve been doing a little scrapping on the side. Here’s a few from this week:

Supplies list at Designer Digitals.

 Loved this new template from Katie. I couldn’t figure out how to scrap the large pic until I saw this – it’s not the greatest photo but I do love Molly’s expression.

This next one is the base for a hybrid project that I’m trying (unsuccessfully) to work on. I’ll post later if it actually works. Just some fun at the Stone Zoo on Monday. $1 well spent on those rides!

Finally a blast from the past – last winter that is. I’m getting a little anxious that winter is approaching, which mean snow. Bah. At least the kids love it.

Don’t forget to check out Write.Click.Scrapbook — tomorrow is my last day hosting!