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I am of course referring to Calvinball. Of course the same can be said for:

  1. the month of February
  2. Lain’s LOAD (layout-a-day) challenge
  3. the winter Olympics
  4. winter (I can dream, can’t I?)

In any case, as expected Celeste was the big winner in Calvinball but I have to say that Doris and I gave her a good run for her money 😀 Final totals were 250 for Celeste, 100 for Doris and 200 for me. Not too shabby!

I made 1 altered item which I love:

My word for this year – Open. Open mind, open heart, open to new opportunities and new ideas. Used all kinds of new and very old goodies here – just lots of things that make me happy!

I made a ridiculous amount of cards — 78 (that’s a lot for me, I’m not very into cards). Fortunately for me Valentine’s day falls in February so I was able to work that in. I posted a few cards here already, some are really not worthy of posting but if you are inviting my kids to a birthday party over the next year you will most likely see one 🙂

My layout total sounds the most impressive: 121. I’ll break that down – I made 3 mini albums. Two were based on Aly’s creative adventure on Write Click Scrapbook. I made an A-Z book for Molly and then I had to make another one for Tommy. They came up with the list of items for each letter. For Molly’s album I followed Aly’s directions but I made my own digital template for Tommy’s. I love a 4×6 mini album! (please excuse the blurry photo – blame it on a 5 year old’s inability to stay still or his mama’s lack of photog skills).

The other mini album that I made is my favorite project of the month. I started with the Simple Smile template album by Michelle Martin from Designer Digitals and added some of Anna Aspnes fotoblendz to it because I really wanted to add more photo. I’m really digging the faded photo look right now.

Click here to view this photo book.

Of course I also have the layouts I did each day for Lain’s layout-a-day but that was really no biggie because I played along with layout-a-day on 2peas for over a year. We pioneered that idea back in 2006 or was it 2005?!

Now I think I’ll go and take a much needed nap.