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No, I’m not talking about these games:
I’m referring to the Calvinball games that Celeste, Doris and I are currently participating in. Current stats in cavlinball: Celeste has a staggaring 114 on day 15, Doris has 34 the last time I checked and I have a total of 75 (25 layouts, 50 cards — Valentine’s day has worked in my favor). I’m also participating in Lain’s Layout a Day challenge on Flickr so I’ve been posting at least one of my layouts every day. Here’s a few that I’ve posted so far – these ones are all digi.

I used the Ella sketch #4 for this layout. I love the fact that T designed and made this lego shark all by himself. How cool is that? He’s really, really into them. Supply list can be found at Designer Digitals: lego bliss

{removed for publication}

This one I did for the Template Challenge over at Designer Digitals. I’ve used this template of Pattie’s before and I wanted to try to use it differently — I scanned one of M’s drawing and used it in the journaling block. I think it’s so funny that she created a whole bunch of “idiom comics” – this one illustrates when pigs fly, she’s also done ones about mad as a hornet. Funny stuff! Credits for this can be found at Designer Digitals — When Pigs Fly.

This one was super quick – Katie posted a new template, I grabbed it and plopped in a photo, some papers and I was done. It was so appropriate for the photo – he looks like trouble, doesn’t he? 🙂 Credits.

Sometimes I like to try something a little different – Anna’s templates and products push me way outside of my box. I love how this looks and it’s nothing like my usual style. Credits.

And finally, dh and I celebrated the 10th anniversay of our first date. The restaurant is no longer is business so I selected an old favorite that we hadn’t been too in many (8!) years. I love strangers who offer to take out picture for us! Credits.

Now I better get working on my Calvinball status while Celeste is at work! Who am I kidding, we’ll never catch up but we’ll have fun trying!