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You know how new year’s resolutions go gangbusters in January and then fall off as the year progresses? Well, I’m hoping I can turn mine into a habit which is why I’ve decided to start early in the day on the things I want to work on. My word or focus this year is “Learn”. There’s so much that I’d like to learn I’m going to try to focus it this year — and I don’t mean just scrappy stuff! I’m already working on improving my photography – even took a few shots in manual mode. I also want to learn how to feed my family better – I have a picky eater and rather than cater to him I want to try to figure out how to feed everyone the same stuff and make everyone happy (or at least not hungry). I know there’s a lot to learn there!

Today I learned some doodling techniques from Michelle Houghton‘s class “Oodles of Doodles” at Get It Scrapped. I used to doodle quite a lot as a kid but fell out of doing that as I got older. I can see how it could be a lot of fun. Michelle even gives instructions on how to draw body parts — check out the eye below. I’m quite proud of that one!

Later today I’m going to learn if my family likes quiche 😉 I’m guessing at least one person won’t be happy but the more I expose him to different foods the more likely he’ll be to try things. Right? At least that’s the assumption I’m working under.

Have a great Tuesday!