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I don’t know what it is with me and weekend breaks but it always takes me a while to get back into a groove. It was a fun weekend and I really don’t have an excuse for feeling behind because my Sunday felt like a bonus day — my weekend started on Friday with a fun trip to Boston with Emily and my wonderful SILs Suzy and Debi. If you ever find yourself looking for something to do while in Boston I heartily recommend a Duck Tour. A “Duck” is an amphibious WWII military vehicle and the tour took us around Boston and even onto the Charles River. I’m a big fan of the water so I thought this was a wonderful way to show Em the city.

The next day we all headed to Manchester for CKC-NH. We got there in time for lunch and I had my usual at the hotel bar. It’s become a standing joke that I always order the chicken salad on a croissant. Hey, what can I say, I’m never disappointed with my meal! This year we decided to just do the vendor fair, which we blew through in no time at all. Lots of bargain stalls – older stuff selling for cheap which is great if you are looking for a bargain. I picked up a big Fancy Pants chipboard set for $3! I managed to stop myself from buying paper (go me!) but I did pick up one of the Bazzill stitching templates — the circles (hee hee Celeste!). Later on, we headed to Margarita’s to meet up with Katrina and her crew. We had the pleasure of the lovely Megan‘s company also. Good times 🙂 Photo stolen from Katrina’s blog – I really need to get a high res copy of this one!

And now I don’t know how it got to be Tuesday evening already! I’ll leave you with a quick plug for my dear friend Pattie Knox’s latest class – More Mad Digital Skillz where you will learn new techniques for creating realistic-looking digital scrapbook pages. I’ll be there! Class starts May 25th.