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I’ve been doing a photo-a-day since Jan 1 2008. I still don’t think I’ve improved as a photographer, although I’ve been told that I’ve just become more critical of my photos. In any case, learning more about photography is still on my to-do list. Unfortunately that list is never ending so I never find the time to do anything about it! I had great intentions of joining in on the Designer Digitals photo-a-day for May, because as I mentioned, I already take a photo a day, but I haven’t gotten around to uploading to their flickr gallery. This month’s challenge is called: P{erson} of the Day. I think I’m mostly just intimidated by the talent – there are some amazing photographers at DD, especially people like Katrina, Myra and Mel. In any case, I’ve decided to try to photograph a person every day this month. Should be interesting because my children are already reluctant subjects – imagine a whole month of me trying to shoot them (that’s for you Marci and Hodgee, if you read this!)

I dumped the contents of my card yesterday and found this photo — I wasn’t sure if it was a good photo or if I just liked it because she’s mine. In any case I used it in a layout and I really like the result:

Credits can be found here. I used Pioneer Woman’s Fresh and Colorful action on the photo – sometimes I think they are a big much but I like the effect here.