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I was reading Angie Lucas’ blog and noticed that my buddy Celeste was tagged. So, as any good friend would do I gave her a head’s up. Not to make fun of her (would I do that???) but just to keep her informed. She repaid by favor by tagging me. Hmm…

Ok, Here I am in all my wrinkled glory. And I don’t know why I always have a crooked smile. Matt took this photo while trying to help Tommy take one. T gave up. He couldn’t hold up the camera, press the button AND look through the viewfinder at the same time. Way too much work for a 4 year old.

Here’s the scoop:
1. take a picture of yourself right now. no primping or preparing. just snap a picture.
2. load the picture onto your blog.
3. tag three people to play. remember, if you are tagged on another blog, we will all be heading to yours to see if you played along.

I’m going to tag:
Marci Lambert, Sarah Hodgkinson (because I’m pretty sure she is going to do something funny!) and the queen of the self portrait, Emily Pitts.

Ok. I’m off. Busy day today with birthday parties, bridal showers and manager meetings. Will be back later with my first ever Piggy Tales projects!