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I never really expected to see my name and Jenni Bowlin in the same sentence so you could have knocked me over when Doris asked me to be the guest designer over at JBS for February. It was even more exciting when the kit arrived at my house 🙂 I got to work and whipped up the following layouts. I’m in love with the chipboard buttons – aren’t they the coolest?

I colored in the ledger alphas on the one above – I love how it looks. I used one of Katie Pertiet’s digital frames in both these layouts. I would need a 12 step program to stop using them, but I don’t want to.

How perfect was it to get a journaling card that says “moo”? Especially since I have the perfect photos to go along with it — here is Molly mooing at some cows. It’s a favorite activity of ours when we go to Ireland.

Has anyone noticed that I used my own handwriting on ALL these layouts? I know! I couldn’t believe it either. Generally I’m not a fan of my own handwriting but it seemed like the right thing to do here with all the fun different journaling options (stickers, cards, lined papers etc). I used a .3 pen and I actually think it doesn’t looks too bad!

My 5th project is admittedly a little goofy. Doesn’t the little vintage baby look like she’s worried? That’s because she forgot a birthday. Ta da!

Go check out the gallery if you want to see a photo of little me – it’s a hoot.