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I love Christmas and I’ve been doing my best the past few years to simply my life to make the whole experience more enjoyable. Less presents, which makes for less shopping, which in turn results in more time to spend doing fun Christmassy things! First on our list is our many advent calendars. I never had one of these growing up and I just love the idea so right now we have 4 in the house (gasp!).

The first one is one that I made at an LSS Ink About It – I took a class there a few years ago and never managed to finish it, until a few days ago that is! The idea is that each day has a specific prompt or activity related to Christmas. The kids are finally the right age to appreciate this – Molly is having fun reading the prompts and it gets us all in a holiday mood:

I used Basic Grey holiday paper (fruitcake maybe?), ribbons from my stash and some stamps to make the tags. I got some ideas from AliEdwards blog for the prompts but tailored them to things that my family would generally do.

Calendar #2 was inspired by AliE. I used little boxes, painted them and covered the lids with patterned paper. I think Ali pinned hers to a wall but I used a corkboard. Each box has a tiny ornament in it and every day the kids are opening a box and decorating a tiny tree that I got at the Target $ spot a few years ago. Preventing them from opening all the boxes is my biggest problem right now 🙂

The other 2 calendars are the chocolate kind from Trader Joes. I wasn’t planning on doing the whole chocolate thing but I caved. I just knew the kids would love them.

As promised, here is my layout for my next hybrid tip and challenge. You can find more details in my hybrid corner over on Come on over and say hi! Isn’t this t-shirt the greatest? Thanks so much to Sarah/Hodgee for sending it.

Sass papers, Doodlebug alpha, Little vintage digital frames by Katie Pertiet