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Well, almost. I’m starting to get into it in any case. If you are too you could check out a new class by Torm (Sharyn Tormanen/Live from Tormville). This year make your holiday scrapbook pages about more than the photos. In “Souvenirs of the Season” Sharyn Tormanen will show you what to gather and how to incorporate your “souvenirs of the season”–from gift cards to wrapping paper, holiday programs, postage stamps, special recipes and more—into your albums. Learn how to connect holiday mementos to the stories of your celebrations and get them onto pages that you’ll treasure now and in the future.

But there’s more! Everyone who registers by midnight this Friday, Nov 21 get a 20% off coupon at AND have a chance to win a copy of “Telling Your Story” by Ali Edwards! That Debbie sure knows a good giveaway!

In other DebbieHodge news 😉 I’ve posted my latest challenge in Paula’s Hybrid Corner. I show how to make your own embellishments. Here’s the layout – go check out the challenge!

Oh and for anyone interested in Calvinball count – yesterday saw Celeste at 150 (:o), Doris 45 and Paula 63 (yay me!)