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If truth be told, I’ve sorta been wishing the past few weeks away. You see I hate waiting. I’m always early for things, I hate to be late. And now that school/new routine/preschool/classes are looming I want them to start already. I’m done waiting. But today, it’s all a little too real. My baby girl starts Kindergarten tomorrow! She’s excited and doesn’t seem at all anxious (apparently Mama is picking up the slack in that department) but we’ll see how it goes tomorrow. We have orientation at 10:15 where we will get to meet Mrs. R. for the first time and see the class room. Wednesday is an even bigger day – first bus ride, and first actual day at school. Wish us luck!

I was nervous about the bus but I think that is going to be fine. She love the bus run last week — check it out, it’s the subject of a layout I will be using in my first class at Right at Home Scrapbooking in North Attleboro!

The class will be held on Saturday, Sept 20th at 1pm. I’m showing how I use ads for inspiration for a bunch of different layouts. I fell in love with these Bo Bunny papers – aren’t they adorable?