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I know I’m going to have to break this out into two posts so I’m starting with part 1. I’m so tired and my digital class starts this morning but I’m determined to march on through all of this (and do grocery shopping and get gas) so bear with me!

First: digital scrapbooking basics starts today at There’s still time to sign up if you are interested!

Second: CHA was a wonderful, tiring but exhilarating experience. I’m bummed that they are moving it to Orlando next year. 🙁 The good: I got to meet up with so many online friends, made some new ones and was surrounded by all kids of scrappy goodness – what’s not to love? The bad: traveling, airports – need I say more?

Thursday after I registered, I got to hang out with Mle, Kimber, Hodgee, Mel and Sassy – we went downtown to Harry Carey’s and had a wonderful meal.
We discovered that people are very friendly in Chi-town, assisting us in finding out way around. Took lots of photos of each other, taking photos of each other.

This cracks me up. Unfortunately I was laughing too hard while taking more photos of that mirror so they are blurry. Later Emily and I picked up some of the new OA release hot off the press and went back to the room to scrap some layouts for the booth — yup, one of my layouts was on display! The new lines are totally fabulous and were the talk of the show. I’m trying to find some photos of it. Will add them later if I can find them.

Friday was the first official day of the show and Emily and I were assigned to do stamping and tool make and takes for Scrapbook Destination (Mary Kay’s store). We weren’t very productive as we were a little bit too chatty. There’s a lot of people to meet at CHA. We ran into Angie Lucas and Wendy Smedley from Simple when we got there. We also had a lovely chat with Catherine from Scrapbooks & Card Today and I got to meet Kerry for the first time. Such nice people and I love their magazine. And that was even before we got to the show floor! It’s overwhelming to see all the goodies all around. We had a quick look around at a few booths before heading over to F&W for Debbie Hodge’s book signing. I was thrilled to snag a book — reading material for the way home. I read it cover to cover and loved it.
Met a big crowd from Designer Digitals there supporting Debbie so that was a lot of fun. We did some work too – we did a few m&ts, I tried out a bind-it-all for the first time (I *need* one!) at the Product Performers booth. We make a super cute card the Hero Arts booth – I might just have to become a stamper.

After lunch we met AlyD – who I was able to recognize from her avatar as soon as she smiled. What a sweetie! We all headed over to the Simple booth for the mini-album celebration where we met Angie and Wendy (again) and Meghan Hoeppner, Lain Ehmann. Celeste was there, lots of fun people. I took some crazy photos – but hey, we’re all scrapbookers so it’s all good.

More to follow later with actual product information.