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Although another snow storm is forecast for today I’m done with winter, officially done. I’m declaring it over. A trip to Target put me in the mood for Spring so today I am going to focus on things that make me happy — the power of positive thinking is going to change my outlook and possibly the weather. OK, so maybe I’m asking for too much but at least it will make me feel better – right?

(1) white cardstock and pretty patterned paper. It’s hard to go wrong with that combo. Add in a square punch, a beautiful little girl hard at work and some of her drawings and you’ve got my favorite page this week.

(2) The new stamps I got from Stampin’ Up. I’m not a big stamper but these stamps are FUN!! I got a little carried away at a party and bought tons of stamps but I have to say that I love each and every one that I got. I’ll be posting some work that I did with them when I get a chance. Right now the kids and are a having a ball with the stick figure people.

(3) The fact that the song from the movie Once won an Oscar on Monday night. I really enjoyed the movie, mostly because it was from/set in Ireland but I loved the music, particularly that song. The acceptance speeches really moved me – how cool is Jon Stewart to bring Marketa back on stage so she had a chance to speak. Another reason to love Jon 🙂

That’s my first attempt at embedding anything so I hope it works!
All this sunshine is going to melt away all the snow – hey, a girl can hope!