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Seriously, I wish February could just be wiped off the calendar. It’s both the shortest and the longest month. January is ok, I’m still hyped up after Christmas and full of good intentions, March gives the promise of Spring. But February…well, it’s got nothing going for it. It’s cold, dreary and did I mention cold? I don’t like cold! I know it’s got St. Valentine’s day but I’ve never been that big a fan. I’m tying to develop a fondness for it though – I need something to get me through this month. Which leads me to my layout for this week’s HMITM:

Everything is from DesignerDigitals – Tortuaga Template# 73 and new Rob and Bob studio goodies. Debi challenged us to do a layout about something we love and to use 2 photos and 14 hearts (get it 2/14 – clever eh?). I wanted to do a layout about my current love, my favorite place to eat – Flatbread but I neglected to bring the camera that last time I went. It makes me so good to go there – the menu is limited but I nearly always sigh with pleasure when I’m there…it’s my happy place. The kids behave better, I actually get to talk to Matt and it’s got this all around good vibe. I’m definitely going to have to do a layout sometime.