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I’ve got a confession to make. I cannot alter. Or decorate. Or whatever you want to call it. I admire all the home decor projects that other people do but I can never manage to come up with one myself. That said, Cheryl Overton on the Simple Scrapbook’s Studio blog issued a challenge to use something that you’ve been hoarding and make a chart of checklist for someone. Viola – a chart for Molly to help her get ready in the morning. Finally a use for that Fancy Pants crown…seriously, that crown had me stumped for months! I used a chore chart by Kellie Mize (designerdigitals) as the basis for this little chart. I used Doodlebug papers and Gin-X alpha – I had to borrow Molly’s pink ink to color the letters. I printed the chart out, slapped it on some patterned paper, popped it in a sheet protector and attached it to the crown with ribbons, another bonus – used my Cropadile 🙂

Molly loves it and only time will tell if it will make life in the mornings any easier. At least it’s cute!