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It’s Monday and that means it’s HMITM day. I procrastinated and just finished this, this morning. But I got it done. And I kinda have a good excuse! Debbi‘s challenge was to start cleaning off your desk by making a layout using only things on your messy desk, and use at least 14 things. My problem – I had a tidy desk! Her solution was to have us look back at the last 4 pages we’ve done and use some leftovers from those pages. And viola! Here it is:

Not exactly about Christmas but it is sorta in the Christmas vein 🙂 And I used our tree selecting photos because I am NOT doing a layout about that! My kids really do quote entire passages from the Charlie Brown Christmas movie – even longer than are posted here. Seriously! It cracks me up. There’s nothing like eating your dinner and having your kid yell out – “what do you mean Beethoven wasn’t so great?” for no apparent reason.