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I like tv. Like most people, I have my shows that I like to watch – the list isn’t that long but there’s usually a show or two a night that is on my list. I don’t watch live tv, mind you – only dvr’ed shows. What did we do before TIVO/dvr? I remember all too well, but I’d rather not. Anyway, with the writer strike still going there’s less and less to watch, our recorded shows are down to episodes to SuperWhy and the New Yankee Workshop. Which is why we finally ended up actually using our free Netflix trial. Yaay!

Our first movie arrived yesterday. Superbad. Oh my! As soon as I started watching it I cringed. It’s that “on no, could these kids be any more awkward” kind of cringe. And “do guys really talk like that?” kind of cringe. The story is about two co-dependent high school seniors who are forced to deal with their impending separation anxiety after their plan to get booze for a party goes horribly wrong. Initially the language and general crassness bothered me but I was won over – the movie is undeniably funny. It’s sweet and crude all the same time. This is NOT my typical movie but honestly I can say that it made me laugh. A lot. And that can’t be bad now can it?