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I love doing the How Much Is Too Much challenge but sometimes I find it hard to come up with a really good challenge. I think this week’s one is good though 🙂 and only a little bit evil.

5 patterned papers
5 stamps
5 ribbons
5 embellishments
5 fasteners (brads, eyelets, staples, etc)

And it had to be the a list of 5 things to love/hate/do about the holidays. I really like how mine came out. It’s funny I discovered that Elizabeth and I adopt the same approach to the challenge – how clean/streamlined can we make it even when using all of the specified supplies.

As I was cursing myself for adding those 5 ribbons on there (I have a ridiculous amount in my stash and I really need to use them but I never do!) I came up with a clever (I think!) solution – I wrapped the BG 5 with 5 different ribbons…it adds some depth and texture, not something I am known for, but I like it!