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Where to begin? I guess I’ll start with Friday. I left home just before 9, got to Logan for my flight and met up with the super sweet Anja while waiting. We landed in Detroit around 2:30 and were amazed at the size of the airport…more on that size issue later! We met all the other ladies at baggage claim – I’m sure all the other travelers thought we were all nuts. Women coming from various places all squealing with delight and hugging, all toting cameras. We were quite the sight. Then our driver Harvey took us on a 3 hour drive to London, Canada. I didn’t notice the time because I was chatting with Marci, Vivian, Kimber and Anja. Love those girls!

Once we arrived at the 4 Points we got right to work, cutting the 500 circles needed for the Make and Take Vivian and I designed. Note to self: never design anything that complicated for a make and take. It was pretty cute though:

I TA’d all of Marci’s classes so I had a short break from cutting circles at 10:00-11:30 (yes, pm) and then it was back cutting circles. Luckily Vivian and I had help from our buddies in the crop room – we’d never have finished the kit without these guys (thanks!):
Saturday was a very busy day of make and taking, classes and cropping.
We did manage to sneak a beer in there…it was necessary after we had an encounter with a particularly wacky event attendee. 🙂

We laughed, we cried and we scrapped. It was an exhausting weekend but I’d do it all over again tomorrow if Sarah asked me. She is the most amazing, inspiring, crazy funny woman I have every met.We also worked on an album for Caleigh Turnball, a little girl from London who was hit by a taxi last year and suffered terrible injuries – I cried when I read her story and saw her photos. But the good news is that she is making an amazing recovery.

Blogger won’t let me upload any other photos so I’ll finish this in a later post.