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Today was tough. Well, it had it’s good points but overall, it was one of those days that I wished I could have a day off. But as all Mommies know – there is no “day off” when you’re a parent. I’m good with that but still, I can’t help wishing. Both kids did some amazingly annoying things at various times, peppered with incredibly cute moments….which is the main reason we keep ’em.
On to today’s funny: Matt was reading a Sesame Street book to M & T. It started off talking about how Bert and Ernie were as different as 2 friends could be. Bert was neat and tidy, Ernie was very messy. “Just like you two”, said Matt. “Yes, I’m like Bert” said Molly. “And Tommy is like Ernie”. “No”, protested Tommy, “I’m like Cookie Monster!” Too right little boy! Too right.