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So true…or at least if it’s not in the scrapbook, I don’t remember it happening. Some of the stuff I don’t scrap I might just be hoping that I don’t remember…like how annoying the little guy can be when he suffers from low blood sugar and yet refuses to eat. Yeah, I’m looking forward to forgetting those times. Thanks to the lovely DebiG for the magnet – happy NSD right back atcha!

Speaking of things I need to scrapbook…check out what I got today at the Mother’s Day tea at Molly’s school. I dragged my sad and sorry, cold stuffed head over there this morning and was greeted with this:Yup. That’s my girl. For the record, Molly and I have never been to a jewelry store. In fact, I’m not a jewelry person at all and don’t even wear earrings most of the time. Yup, she’s a bit kooky that kid.