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In an effort to get me to update this thing the wonderfully talented and slightly evil Marci has tagged me to list 7 random habits or facts. Here goes:

1. I don’t like talking on the phone (ok, so I stole this one from Marci, but it’s true!). Every day I rejoice in the fact that the internet was invented because it allows me to do so much without having to use a phone. Which leads to #2.
2. I feel lost without an Internet connection. I didn’t even have a computer of my own 5 years ago and now, I can’t live without one. What did we do before the Internet?
3. I need a little piece of chocolate every day. And not the crappy kind. Just one small piece of GOOD stuff.
4. I need lots of sleep. Lots. I very rarely get enough.
5. I love a clean house and now that I have one I think I’ll try to keep it up!
6. I’d love to spend all day, very day just playing with craft stuff. For now, nap-time will have to do.
7. I love to dance…I forget about this for years at a time and then when I dance again, I remember how much I love it!

If anybody actually reads this – consider yourself tagged!!