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May your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.
~Irish Blessing

In honor of the day that is in it, this entire post will be in green! I’m Irish, I’m actually from Ireland and I always feel I have to do something to celebrate this day. It is a national holiday in Ireland after all. When I first came to the states I wanted to avoid all things “American-Irish”, anything I deemed hokey or “Oirish”. Over the years I’ve mellowed – we are wearing green, we will do a green craft and read a book about St Patrick and tonight Matt and I will partake in some liquid refreshments from Ireland (Guinness for him, Baileys for me). No corned beef and cabbage in this house however…I’ve never eaten corned beef, they don’t have it in Ireland and I can’t stand boiled cabbage. Yuck. I’ll just have to think up some other Irish fare…although with all the snow that we got last night might mean that I’ll have to improvise with what we have in the house…now to think or an Irish recipe that calls for bologna…

Here’s cute layout for the day (and yes, it’s not accident that it’s green!). It’s for this week’s How Much Is Too Much challenge: use 10 patterned papers, 10 buttons, 10 stickers. I’m thrilled that the gals on the HMITM crew have asked me to join them – stay tuned for a challenge from me in an upcoming week!