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It’s a beautiful day in New England. It’s 58 degrees right now and I think I’ll head out again after I finish posting this. The kids and I walked to the post office this morning to mail off some packages. I finally found a place that will take my old glasses and unused contact lenses – Madre, takes donations to give to needy women and families around the world. It felt good to send those off.

I love being able to walk outside again without fear of breaking my neck. The kids splashed in the puddles of the melting snow and I played with my camera. Today’s fancy simple project is a photo scavenger hunt to find photos of the following:

1. A sign of spring
I was hoping to find buds on the trees while we were out for our walk but it appears to be too early. I finally thought of the long forgotten bulbs that were tossed in the corner of the house and there I found my sign of Spring . The deer eat all the tulips before they get a chance to bloom so I’ve pretty much given up on these bulbs. Someday I will plant some flowers that the deer won’t eat…maybe this fall. Or the next πŸ™‚

2. A meal you’re about to eat – lunch was next on my agenda. Not the most exciting of means but I enjoy it nonetheless. A basic turkey with cheese on wheat, accompanied by a tall glass of seltzer – pretty much every day. Oh and Molly is going through a grape tomato kick so I’ve got a few of those too.

I know, the focus is off on this photo. It happens a lot when I take pictures with my 50mm lens. I don’t pay enough attention to what I am focusing on and it is not very forgiving. Any suggestions on how I can improve? I get distracted by the kids too easily – perhaps the solution is to not try to take photos when I am in a hurry!

3. Something red: what’s not to love about little red boots? I was actually about to search around the house for something red to photograph when I realized that I just took these. And I love them! Tommy danced all over the place singing Laurie Berkner’s song Boots. “I stomp around in my red boots, in my boots, stomp , stomp.

4. Self-portrait: Who is this person the keeps
popping up in my photos. And what has she done with me?

5. Something that makes you smile: more boots. I bought these in Target shortly after Molly was born 4 years ago. I had no idea about sizes so they were a little big. Apparently they grow with her because she’s been wearing them for a few years now and claims that they don’t hurt. Can’t say I blame here – they are awfully cute!