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It’s Monday! Time for a new inspiration challenge. I’ve got a niggling feeling that I’ve actually used this inspiration piece before many years ago, but since I don’t know for sure I’ve decided to use it 🙂 It’s a book cover with room for lots and lots of photos (or patterned paper):


Here’s my interpretation:


Photos are from a couple of years ago from a fun, family day out (bet you figured that out already!). I hadn’t scrapped them since I had so many photos and didn’t quite feel like editing them all. This way I got to use most of them. I did switch things up a little and made some of the squares double width or length to fit larger photos – I think that makes it look more interesting. Found a fun new display font also: Sail. What’s your favorite font at the moment?

And look, another Calvinblog point! 😀