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It’s that time of year again, when Doris assembles the troops in a feeble effort to thwart Celeste in a game of Calvinball.


Our version of Calvinball involves a race to see who can complete the most projects during a given month. As you might have gathered, Celeste usually wins. Mostly because she can make 100 cards in one sitting. Points can be accrued as follows:

  • cards .5 point
  • layout 1 point
  • 2 pages 1 points
  • mini album pages .5 point
  • altered item 1 pt

Naturally, since it’s Calvinball, there are some interesting rules and cheating is encouraged. Anything to make sure that Celeste doesn’t win yet again. I think we all combined our points for a few years and still haven’t managed to beat her. Le sigh. But the good news is that there’s bonus points for blogging so I’ll be doing that as much as possible.

So, are you in?