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I’m loving my Silhouette SD that I bought earlier this year but I don’t  use it enough! I was thrilled to discover that I could use my vast stock of digital brushes and images (.jpg, .png files) in the Silhouette software. I dressed up some dollar store napkins using brushes and word art ( Ali’s Christmas Boxes Brushes and Stamps and Katie’s Christmas Silhouettes Brushes and Stamps No. 01), some heat transfer material and my trusty Silhouette.

Here’s what I did:

1. Drag .jpg or .png file into Silhouette Studio. It will be very large – click on it to get the resize buttons.
2.Click on the Page button (top right, 4th button from end), and drag the Reveal Cutting mat slider over to about 50%, so you can see the grid underneath. This helps when you are resizing.
3. Select the Trace button (to the left of the Page button) and click on Select Trace Area. Drag a box around the image/word art. I typically start in the top left corner and drag across. For this I used the following settings:
Uncheck High Pass, Low Pass filters and only use threshold. I played with that to get an outline that looked good to me.
4. Send to Silhouette to cut the heat transfer material.

This is all pretty new to me but I’m loving the result! Let me know if you try it.